Greg Hardy plans to join the UFC

Ex-NFL defensive lineman, Greg Hardy is planning on joining profession fighting after being kicked out of the NFL for multiple state and league violations. Earlier this week Hardy went on record stating that he had been training MMA and if Dana White accepted him he would join the UFC. Dana white reported that he would allow Hardy to fight in the UFC but it may not be as easy as Hardy might think but said that people make mistakes and is willing to give him another shot.By Antoine Bell



Greg Hardy was released from the Panthers in 2014 after being convicted of assaulting his then girlfriend. He also received a four game suspension for the 2014-15 season.
During that off-season Dallas Cowboys managers and Jerry Jones agreed to sign Hardy on a 1 year contract. After a year with Dallas he was then arrested in September for felony possession of a controlled substance and no team had desired to resign him. Leaving him and unrestricted free-Agent.

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