Cleveland may have a Partying Problem

alvin-bailey_1474935837964_6305481_ver1-0As we all know The Cleveland Browns have had multiple cases with players who have had trouble with substances. The two biggest names we might remember are Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon. Throughout their struggles with violations of  the team and league substance abuse policy, they have ultimately been kicked off the team, traded, or left the NFL completely.

Cleveland Brown Guard Alvin Bailey looking at possible 2-game suspension for drunk driving

Recently the Browns have had yet another player who is in the conversation for suspension. Guard Alvin Bailey may be facing a 2-game suspension for DUI and other drug related charges. Although the Drug charges were dropped and Bailey pleaded no contest to the DUI. The online court documents state that Bailey had a BAC level of .145 Bailey will either have to stay 3 days in jail or do a 3 day driving intervention course. His license will also be suspended for 6 months, but he is eligible to get a work permit to drive to and from work.

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