Kenny Vaccaro Adderral

Kenney Vaccaro Suspended for using Adderal

 New Orleans Saints Safety Kenny Vaccaro could be facing a four game Suspension  for failing for Adderall.  NFL officials say they probably won’t come till a final decision until some time next week, so Vaccaro will be able to play in Sunday’s game vs The Denver Broncos. Vaccaro is planning on appealing the suspension, the league allows the use of Adderall during the off-season but it is considered a performance-enhancing drug and is banned during playing season. If Kenny is ultimately suspended it will put a hole in The Saints already broken defensive secondary.

As of right now Vaccaro is having a great season he is ranked and the Saints best safety and has gotten up to be the 19th best safety in the NFL, even though the team as a whole is ranked as one of the worse defenses giving up over 300 passing yards a game.

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