Trent Williams Suspended

Trent Williams Suspended
By Antoine Bell

trent-williamsLeft tackle, Trent Williams, for the Washington Redskins has been suspended for four games because of a missed drug test.  A missed drug test classifies as a violation of the leagues substance abuse policy. This will be the second time in his seven year career with the Redskins that Williams will be suspended.  Redskins officials released a statement on Tuesday after they returned from playing the Cincinnati  Bengals in London; in which the game ended in a 27-27 tie. The statement said,

“Today, Trent Williams was suspended by the NFL under the terms of the Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse for the next four games. We met with Trent today to discuss this unfortunate news. Per the terms of the Policy, Trent will be permitted to participate in team meetings and workout at the Redskins’ facilities throughout this time. The Redskins are counting on Trent to help our team when he returns from suspension. Our focus will now turn to the Minnesota Vikings after our bye this upcoming weekend. Any questions related to this matter should be directed to the NFL or NFLPA.”

The Redskins are battling in the NFC East to try to reclaim their division title although they are ranked one of the last with a 4-3-1 record. Losing Williams for those four games will be a crucial loss for the Redskins offense, that will be facing four great defenses in his four week absents.


Trent may have to undergo some type of private drug and alcohol management classes to continue to play, since this is now his second offense. He was sited in 2011, as well, for failing multiple tests for marijuana intoxication.  In 2014, the NFL restructured their policy about the complete ban of marijuana; whether it be medical or recreational. Several past and present players such as; Ricky Williams and Lomas Brown have devoted time to remove the ban of marijuana from the NFL, stating that marijuana was a better pain reliever then drugs like Vicodin and Percocet, that are often prescribed by the team doctors.

As it stands now, every NFL player is tested once a year. If a player tests positive now, they are sent to a stage one 90-day intervention program. If a player tests positive again within those original 90 days then he is fined two games’ salary and is subjected to more frequent random testing. If they test positive a third time then it is a four game salary fine and if it happens again they are then suspended four games.

After last season the Redskins rewarded Trent Williams with a 5 year, $68 million contract extension, with $41.25 million of that guaranteed. This year he is making $6.75 million on his base salary and unfortunately the suspension will cost him about $1.68 million.


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