Johnny Manziel being sued

Former quarterback for Texas A&M and the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel, is in more trouble due to his alcoholism and partying. A lawsuit has been filed against the former number 1 overall draft pick for allegedly punching a staff member at at bar in Austin, Texas. The lawsuit filed on Monday by the staff member, Erik Newton, seeks up to $1 million in damages that Newton claims were caused by Manziel, while he was attending a private party. Newton reports that Manziel told him to start making drinks for him and the party, while the bartender was busy, and that he told Manziel he was not allowed to. After this, a member of Manziel’s entourage had a heated conversation with Newton. When Manziel overheard the conversation, he began to curse and punch Newton in the face, ultimately breaking his nose before Manziel fled the bar.johnny-party

This is not Manziel’s first altercation with violence, alcoholic tenancies, or being sued. He was recently let go from the Cleveland Browns for repeatedly drinking and not completing a rehabilitation program. He also has a pending domestic violence case that involved an ex-girlfriend. Manziel is accused of hitting and threatening his ex-girlfriend but the charges are suspected to be dropped. He is also in a lawsuit for reportedly damaging a LA rental property and refusing to pay for damages said to be caused by him and his partying.

Johnny Manziel’s drinking and partying has affected several of his personal and professional relationships. At the young age of 23, it doesn’t look like any NFL teams are interested in him or his alcoholic shenanigans. His personal relationships continue to have troubles and his drinking seems to get him in more and more trouble.

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