What are we doing about the opioid epidemic?

Opioids are effective drugs, if you are suffering from chronic pain or you have recently undergone surgery, but carry destructive consequences to the body.  The fact is that even the medical use of this popular drug does not bring good news with it. Millions of people in America become addicted to opioids and the number of deaths increase year after year.

CDC report of opioid addiction

The report by the CDC proves that the span of drug addiction is very short. If you consume opioids for more than five days you are more likely to become dependent. In addition, if circumstances present a second occurrence of use of opioids then the risk of forming an addiction increases exponentially. Even after three years, you will still feel the need of taking the painkiller.

But surprisingly the sales of opioids have increased along with the increase in the number of deaths due to the overdose of this prescription drug. In the period between 2000 and 2014, the sales of opioids and death of people have risen at an extremely high rate. You should not be surprised that the addiction of opioids in the United States is an epidemic.

Change in the treatment

The doctors have decided to avoid the prescription of opioids in order to fight the problem of addiction. According to CDC, the doctors should not prescribe this drug as far as the treatment of chronic pain is concerned. There are some cases in which the doctors have chosen IV treatments which involve the use of less harmful medicines.

As far as the use of opioids in the state of New Jersey is concerned there has been a change in the prescription of opioids drugs. The sad part is that there were more than 1500 deaths in this state due to the use of opioids drugs.

Methods to fight opioid addiction

Trump has emphasized on the implementation of overdose-reversing drugs besides telling the doctors to improvise on the medical training as far as addiction is concerned. Moreover, Trump also said that he would not allow the import of opioids from other countries.

Ironically the leaders at the national level have not been able to do something impressive to fight against the epidemic of drug addiction.

Leaders at the national level to take action

The number of deaths due to opioid addiction has increased a lot in the United States due to which the national leaders are required to take this epidemic seriously.  The professionals of the medical field should be given proper training so that they can spot addiction and can take the necessary action.  The people of America are suffering from opioids addiction at the level of an epidemic. The addicts feel the need to ask for help but the leaders and doctors should also take the necessary action to fight against this deadly epidemic.

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